Overview of all topics around boxing

Here you will find all topics around boxing. Dive deeper into the world of ROOQ and everything that has to do with boxing or martial arts. You will also find other topics that might be interesting for you. Have fun while reading!


The life story of boxing

schattenboxen im ring

Punch better

The way to a better punch

boxer trifft gegner am kopf

Punch force

Measuring punch force is easy

agit kabayel seitwärtshaken mit ROOQ straps

Punch speed

The truth about the punch speed

Punch variability

An overview of your punch combinations

drei boxer springen seil im gym

Boxing equipment

The optimal boxing equipment for your success

sparring von zwei kampfenden männern in helmen und boxhandschuhen


Evertything you need to know about sparring

frau training-zum-boxen-mit-personal-coach-ROOQ-boxing

Training plan

Important tips for your training plan

frau training fitnessboxen ROOQ boxing

Fitness boxing

Facts about fitness boxing in less than 3 minutes


Boxing weight classes

The boxing weight classes simply explained


Mixed Martial Arts’ Commandments.


Krav Maga

Self-defence as a fashionable sport.

Conor McGregor

The UFC legend.


Facts on the world’s largest MMA promoter.