Training plan: Important tips for your training plan


A training plan for boxers is essential when it comes to constant and long-term development. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional boxer. Even for fitness boxers or beginners a training plan in boxing makes sense. We explain why a training plan is so important and why there is no THE ONE training plan for everyone.

Rope skipping is part of almost every boxing training plan and trains your endurance.

Why do I need a training plan as a boxer?

Why is a training plan so important? We would like to answer this question in the following lines.

A training plan is, as the name suggests, a plan that has been developed specifically for your training. This means that you plan your training and the various units in advance and train according to set guidelines.

As an athlete, you can use four planning stages as a guide:

  • Macrocycle: long-term training cycle (4-12 months).
  • Mesocycle: medium-term training (4-12 weeks)
  • Microcycle: short-term training cycle (1-3 weeks)
  • Training session: single training unit in the training plan (1-2 hours)
With a training partner, you can incorporate even more exercises into your training plan.

The entire planning period or macrocycle specifies the long-term training planning and is divided into mesocycles. A long-term goal would therefore be increasing the punch speed by one km/h, for example. A mesocycle can in turn be composed of several microcycles. The training program varies in the respective mesocycles, e.g. according to load intensity, training type and/or exercises. The microcycle represents the actual training plan. During this phase, the exercises, exercise sequence, number of sets, set breaks and training method are determined.

After this short digression about the individual planning stages, the question “Why do I actually need a training plan as a boxer?” is certainly interesting. A training plan is essential for you to continue making progress. Without a training plan, you will train very aimless. You will complete your training session, but you will not be able to measure your progress or realize your potential.

With the help of the ROOQ App, you can create your own training plan.

What kind of training plan is best for boxing?

Now that you know that a training plan is important for your success, the next question is “What kind of training plan is best for boxing?” There is no one right answer here. There is no one perfect training plan for boxers that everyone can use. A training plan should always be individually tailored to the athlete. Of course you can take into account certain recommendations and impressions from other athletes or coaches and integrate them into the training plan. However, it will not lead you to the desired success if you take over the complete training plan of another person one to one.


Your coach will support you not only in training, but also in creating an optimal training plan.

Of course, it would be better if you have an experienced trainer at your side who supports you in your training planning. He recognizes your potential and strengths that you yourself had not noticed.

Tip: With your ROOQ App you can easily create your own training plans for your boxing training. If your coach uses the Coaching Zone, he can also send you his individual training plans. Your coach has the possibility to see how you performed in the respective training session.