Get the ROOQ Box and make your performance measurable.

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What can you measure with the ROOQs?

Be faster than your opponent.
Take out your opponent.
Combine your punches.
Never count yourself again.

4 different types of punches each left and right:


Side hook

body hook


Automatic recognition of the boxing specific training content

In addition to the punch parameters, the ROOQ sensors also detect which exercise you are currently practicing.

A distinction is made between:

  • Shadow boxing
  • Partner exercise
  • Device
  • Rope skipping

This is why the data is so valuable:

Where do you stand in boxing? Find out and benefit from clear performance diagnostics. You set yourself realistic goals and recognize your strengths. Because when you get meaningful feedback on your performance after every workout, it motivates you to keep topping your previous performance.

ROOQs (Sensors)

Start recording every boxing workout with cutting-edge algorithms.
Bonus benefits: Your sensors are sweat and spill resistant and always ready to be used.

You simply insert the sensors into the small pockets of your straps. Off you go!
All your movements are automatically recorded. Your data is stored without the need for a direct app or internet connection.

Sweat proof and resistant to splashing water
Load once, train several times
Training possible without mobile phone

ROOQ charging case

Innovative wireless design

Your charging case is fully charged in a short time with the included USB-C cable. Your sensors will automatically charge when you put them in the charging case.

Our tip if you train regularly: Make sure your sensors are fully charged before every training. You can see the current battery level in the app.

ROOQ Straps

  • One size fits all
  • Perfect comfort
  • Washable
  • Designed for athletes

The straps fit your sensors perfectly on your wrist. They are washable and can be individually adjusted with the velcro fastener.

We combine sport and technology, making boxing-specific performance measurable and visible in the long term.



What lies behind every single workout? For the first time, ROOQ gives you an overview with real and comparable figures.

More info about the app

With the Coaching Zone, your coach also benefits from your ROOQ Box.