Welcome to the future of coaching

The digital coach assistant helps you to train your athletes more individually and efficiently.

Boxing Performance Tracking

The world’s first Coaching Zone gives you as a coach unprecedented insights into the boxing-specific training values of your athletes.

Punch force

Punch speed

Punch count

Punch variability

This is why the data is so valuable:

From now on you will be able to recognize your development in the sport more precisely, because measurable data is an incorruptible mirror of performance for athletes and coaches alike. You always have an eye on the development of your athletes and can see how they implement your training plans in detail. Last but not least, you will be able to offer a more advanced, much more controlled, personalized, sustainable and therefore verifiable planning.

A technology that provides data on the individual performance of each athlete does not take over the tasks of the coach. Rather, it should be seen exclusively as a safe and reliable aid as well as a digital training and planning assistant.

Overview, analysis and monitoring – one (online) platform, countless possibilities

Compelling added value for training with your athletes

  • Real, individual training values
  • Identify strengths and potential
  • Monitoring of performance development
  • Optimise performance
  • Assess injury risks
  • Return to competition
  • Talent Scouting

Digital support for your everyday training

  1. Create individual training plans
  2. Train as usual
  3. Every training session is saved on a long-term basis
  4. Develop athletes with digital training analysis
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Automatic recognition of training content
Shadow boxing, Rope skipping, Sandbag and Partner exercises (e.g. sparring)
Anywhere, any time
No matter when, no matter where, every training session counts and is counted.
Data security
All data is encrypted and protected.

You have the full overview

You coordinate, support and train according to your own rules – with maximum efficiency.


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