Safety instructions

General notes

The product may contain small parts that can be swallowed. Therefore, please keep it away from children under the age of three. If the product has been packed in a plastic bag, please dispose properly and do not hand to children. There is a risk of suffocation. Some products can get warm when used. Therefore, ensure adequate ventilation, stable standing and do not expose it to other heat sources (e.B. direct sunlight, heating or similar influence). Unless otherwise specified, the product is designed exclusively for indoor use and must be protected from moisture and other weather conditions such as e.g. rain, snow or fog. Products that are also intended for outdoor use are marked with IP codes according to their type of protection. The product is not intended for use in machinery, medical devices or industrial applications.

The product does not contain any components that you can maintain or replace. Do not attempt to repair the device. Do not open the device or power supply, this could lead to an electric shock or other hazards and may cause injuries. If the case or cable is damaged, it must no longer be used. If your product is not working properly or is damaged, contact ROOQ Support.

Technical specifications:

Environmental and operating conditions

0°C – 50°C / 35F -120F

5% – 95% Humidity

Power supply

Always use the ROOQ USB-C charging cable and connect it exclusively to a standard USB 2.0A port with max. 5V/500 mAh, e.g. PC / Notebook.

ROOQ Sensor: RQS1 / A4991: 3.7V 100mAh 0.37Wh, Li-on battery (rechargeable/hard coded)

ROOQ MCS: RQS1 / B4991: 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh Li-on battery (rechargeable/hard coded)

ROOQ Sensor

Dimensions: 31.9 x 8.9 x 42 mm

Weight: 10 grams

ROOQ Mobile Charging Station (MCS)

Dimensions: 74.9 x 35.5 x 54.6 mm

Weight: 75 grams

Operation with batteries / rechargeable batteries

All rechargeable batteries are hard coded, maintenance-free and must not be removed in both the ROOQ sensors and the ROOQ Mobile Charging Station.

Keep batteries and rechargeable batteries away from children! If a battery or rechargeable battery has leaked, please always dispose full component of ROOQ Sensor and/or ROOQ Mobile Charging Station professionally.  Make sure that neither skin nor clothing make contact with the liquid. Battery fluid is corrosive and may be toxic. If this happens anyway, rinse the affected areas completely under running water. Use a slightly moist paper towel to clean the device. Use only batteries of the correct size and type. Used batteries do not belong in household waste. Please dispose to according to local regulations.

Care instructions

To clean turn off the device, disconnect it from power supply and other connections. Use a soft lint-free cloth for cleaning. If necessary, this can also be easily moistened with water, but be sure that no moisture enters the housing. Do not use aggressive chemical detergents as they can destroy the surface of product.

Disposal instructions

This symbol indicates that this product may not be disposed as normal household waste according to existing local laws. Please take to collection point for electrical equipment waste, designated by your local authority.

Declaration of compliance

ROOQ GmbH, Im Erdbeerfeld 20, 52078 Aachen, Germany, hereby declares that this product meets the essential requirements and other relevant requirements of the
Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53EU
EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017
EN 62479:2010
EN 50663:2017

EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3
EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4
EN 55032:2015
EN 55035:2017
EN 300 328 V2.2.2
where applicable. A copy of the declaration of compliance is available at:
The product may be used in the European Community.