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With the sensor set (incl. charging case and straps), app and online platform, ROOQ supports all boxers, trainers and fitness athletes to improve sustainably.

Boxing technology that makes you better

Included in your ROOQ Box:

  • 2 sensors
  • 2 straps
  • a charging case incl. USB-C cable
  • app
269,95 € 299,95 €
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ROOQ sensors

During training, the athletes wear the sensors in their straps. All specific movements are recorded automatically. Your data is stored without the need for a direct app or internet connection. Bonus benefits: Your sensors are sweat and spill resistant and always ready to be used.

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Your training data at a glance. Always and everywhere. Once you have completed your training, the app (Android / iOS) automatically provides you with an almost complete analysis of your boxing-specific performance. All data is displayed on a long-term basis. Create your own training plans, recognise your strengths and set new goals.

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Need new straps? No problem.

Can’t find your straps anymore or would like to have some on reserve?

From now on you can get the bundle of 3 for an unbeatable price.

269,95 € 299,95 €
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Only the best for coaches

The digital training assistant

Coaching Zone

The ROOQ Coaching Zone is the world’s first full 360-degree solution for efficient training management. With the online platform, you as a coach can track and evaluate the performance of your athletes at any time and from any location using data and facts.

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That’s what athletes say about ROOQ:


“ROOQ perfectly reflects my performance. These little sensors know me inside out. It´s as if they´ve been watching me box for years.”


“I think the idea behind ROOQ is great and so is the implementation. Personally, I can integrate ROOQ into my training and control it well.”


“ROOQ is like a nagivation device into which I enter my destination. The sensors don´t ask questions, they provide answers.”


“A great tool that enriches my training. You train harder with the thought of achieving a better result than the training before.”

Who is behind ROOQ?

We combine sport and technology, make boxing-specific performance measurable and sustainably visible. Our visionary technology for training analysis is deliberately aimed not only at professional athletes and elite coaches, but also at every athlete.

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