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We combine sport and technology, and make boxing-specific performance measurable and sustainably visible. Our visionary technology for training analysis is deliberately aimed not only at professional athletes and elite coaches, but at every athlete.


With ROOQ technology, every boxer and trainer is given the opportunity to measure and optimise their performance individually. Our team has a major goal: It wants to make the attractiveness and fascination of this great sport more transparent.


ROOQ – that’s us: World and Olympic boxing champions, business managers, professional athletes, sports scientists, mathematicians, data analysts, marketing maniacs, software developers, active boxers and coaches. We are sports training diagnosticians and firmly believe that boxing connects the world. We want to do our part to make this great sport even better.

Individually, our company values may seem trivial. But taken together, they form our unique corporate culture. Learn more about who we are, what we stand for and what we do.



We make boxing digital and measurable.

And thus fit for the future.

Everything under one roof

When developing our products, we always have the highest and constantly evolving requirements in mind, from software to design. The close exchange with our customers and athletes enables us to meet these requirements and consistently improve.

Our focus is on providing athletes and coaches with the best possible performance diagnostics through the application of mathematical processes, for example machine learning and intelligent algorithms, and supporting them in achieving their full performance potential. By using AI-based evaluation, we have achieved a depth of analysis of boxing performance parameters that was previously not possible.

From idea to reality


  • A vision is born and the beginning of a great journey begins: Ralf Rüttgers leaves his management post behind and gets involved with performance tracking in boxing.


  • Ralf Rüttgers founds ROOQ GmbH on 5 June.
  • The first core team consists of two software developers, a mathematician and an amateur boxer. This team’s focus is on data analysis, machine learning and sports science with an emphasis on boxing.


  • Beginning of 2020: The company moves to a new location within Aachen.
  • Several hundred thousand punches were recorded and processed by a wide variety of athletes using specially developed and powerful measurement technology. All intellectual property is owned by ROOQ.
  • Sport legend Henry Maske is on board as a shareholder alongside Ralf Rüttgers (CEO).
  • Both the company name and the logos are internationally legally protected.
  • More than 25 employees are now actively preparing the innovative sensor technology for international market entry.


  • Ex-European champion and heavyweight hopeful Agit Kabayel and six-time professional world champion Christina Hammer act as the first brand ambassadors.

Henry Maske

World Champion, Olympic Champion and ROOQ Board Member

„Every boxing fan knows that I had a trainer in Manfred Wolke who knew me very, very well. Inside and out. But even Wolke and I could have benefited enormously from ROOQ.”

Ralf Rüttgers

Chief Executive Officer

„I am sure that our ROOQs will soon be used as naturally as boxing gloves themselves.”


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