ROOQ’s corporate values

Our common values are timeless. They accurately describe the principles that characterise ROOQ’s corporate culture.


The beginning of every change and the path to innovation. Courage is written in capital letters at ROOQ. We take boxing to the digital level and improve it with analytical and methodical data values.


The future is agile, ROOQ is too. We develop our product portfolio according to the latest technical and scientific findings. We promote close exchange between athletes and coaches.


Essential for achieving our vision. Persevering towards our goals and not giving up is part of the ROOQ DNA. We know no comfort zone.


The most important link in the chain of our success. Only when we stand up for each other and compensate for the mistakes of our teammates do we achieve our goals.


Give respect and get respect. Diversity, tolerance and openness are values that are actively embraced at ROOQ and carried into the world.


Is in every boxer and in every ROOQer. We step into the ring again, day after day, to give our best. We strive for success and realisation. We do not know how to give up.