Boxing Performance Tracking

Unprecedented training data to support your development.

Punch force

Punch speed

Punch count

Punch variability

You strive tirelessly for success. We strive for innovation.

Together we’ll discover what you’re made of.


Everything that’s included in your premium boxing equipment:

  • 2 Sensors
  • 2 Straps
  • Charging case
  • App
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Advantages for your training

  • Reliable training data – With more than 50 punch statistics, you will permanently know your current boxing performance level.
  • Identify strengths and potentials – Through your individual values you can build on your strengths and recognise your potentials.
  • Optimise performance – Create your own training plans and be prepared for your next fight.
  • Assess injury risks – Optimise and adapt your training individually to prevent injuries.
  • Return to competition – You benefit from ROOQ to see what level you are at after injuries or longer breaks.
Challenge yourself in every workout!

How to train with ROOQ

Sensors. Straps. Go.
Train when and where you want.
Your performance. Your data.


  • Digital sparring partner
  • Connection to coach/club
  • Training overview
  • Round analysis
Info about the app
Automatic recognition of training content
Shadow boxing
Rope skipping
Partner exercises (e.g. sparring)
Anywhere and any time
No matter when, no matter where, every training session counts and is counted.
Data security
All data is encrypted and protected.

Go to the next level with ROOQ and experience boxing with real facts

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