Punch better: The way to a better punch


Punching better – A wish that many fighters have. But how exactly is this supposed to work? Measuring and visualizing performance – in boxing this was previously not possible without a huge technical effort – this is now changing! We at ROOQ have managed to develop a technology that makes it possible for even professionals to box at a completely new level. But what exactly can be measured and how do these values help you in your training? Find it out here.

Punch speed is an important factor to punch better.

How to punch faster?

One of many questions that can only be answered if you know how fast your own punch is. You train your punch speed to punch faster and better. You don’t want your opponent to see your punches coming. But how do you know that your punch is getting faster?

Until now, your coach and you could only estimate how much faster your punch has become. It’s simply impossible for the human eye to tell whether a punch is 25 km/h or 26 km/h. But an improvement of one km/h in your punch decides if you hit your opponent or hit nothing .

Your coach and you know with ROOQ how fast your punches are and if you are progressing.  It is a huge advantage for you to know how to punch better. You can assess your performance much better and know if you have to counterattack or take cover.

Do you want to learn more about the speed of punches in boxing? Click on the following link and you will get even more information about punch speed.

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A powerful well placed punch can help you to win.

How do you measure your punch force?

How have you measured your punch force in boxing so far? Probably not at all – like most others. Existing technologies that measure punch force have only been available to a few athletes, and it’s very questionable how meaningful these measurement methods are. Why? Because your opponent that you want to hit with your punches would never just stop, he would move and dodge.

As of now, you don’t have to worry about how to measure your punch force. Rather, you should ask yourself why it’s important to know how to punch better. And that in all possible punch variations and situations.

If you want to learn more about punch force and why it’s so important to know how to punch better, check out our punch force page.

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Body punches often come unexpectedly and it can result in a knockout.

How to punch better and more variable?

To anticipate the answer: Punch variability is particularly important in boxing and should not be underestimated under any conditions.

On the one hand, it is important to repeatedly throw different punch combinations in order not to become too transparent for your opponent. If you make it too easy for your opponent and repeat the same punch combinations over and over again, he can counterattack much more easily. In the worst case it means the knock-out for you.

You also earn points in boxing. The different punch combinations increase your chances of winning by points enormously.

Not only the power and speed are important, but also the variability of your punches will help you to punch better.

Do you want to optimize your punch variability? Then it is important to know how you combine and throw your punches. For even more overview and control of your punch variability, the ROOQ sensors are a trusted support for you and your coach. Thanks to the recording of your punches, you have the possibility to analyze your training. You will know exactly if and how variable your punches are. As a result, you will realize how to punch better.

If you want to learn more about punch variability, click on the following link.

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