Boxing equipment: The optimal boxing equipment for your success


If you need high-quality boxing equipment, you usually have to spend a lot of money. However, a good investment is usually worth it. Especially athletes who are new to boxing often don´t know which boxing equipment is necessary. We present the most important boxing equipment so that you know what is important.

Boxing gloves, boxing shoes and bandages are part of any good boxing equipment.

What kind of boxing equipment do I need?

Especially many dedicated athletes ask themselves before they start boxing and start their first training – what kind of boxing equipment do I actually need? Don’t worry – you won’t need a complete set of equipment. However, there are a few things that every boxer should use for a successful training.

No matter what kind of sport you do, you will need some equipment. For some sports more, for others less. Boxing is one of those sports where you can get by with very little equipment.


Punching bags are part of the standard boxing equipment in every boxing gym.

Everyone starts from scratch , so it is also with the boxing equipment. When you start boxing, you don’t need much at first. The first thing that comes to your mind are certainly the boxing gloves, right? It makes sense to get boxing gloves and you will definitely need some if you want to box long term.

Most clubs or boxing gyms even often offer the possibility to borrow appropriate boxing gloves for training. Especially beginners who have no experience with boxing or the necessary boxing equipment, this is a great advantage. After all, there is a possibility that you complete a boxing training for beginners and then realize that you do not like boxing. The more annoying it would be if you had already bought a complete set of equipment.


The boxing gloves are especially important and should be part of your boxing equipment.

We have listed the most important boxing equipment that every ambitious boxer should have in his sports bag:

  • Boxing gloves: Every boxer, whether amateur, professional or fitness boxer, needs boxing gloves sooner or later. These should not be missing from your boxing equipment.
  • Boxing bandages: If you have found the right boxing gloves, you now also need the right bandages for your boxing equipment. These stabilize your wrist and protect you from possible injuries.
  • Boxing shoes: Also very important is the right footwear. The professional and amateur boxers among you probably know why the boxing shoes belong in any case to the boxing equipment. They not only provide a more stable posture and minimize the risk of slipping. They can also improve your punch. This is because the impulse from the legs is enormously important when punching.
With the help of the ROOQs you can measure and analyse your punch parameters.
  • Mouthguard / Groin guard / Headguard: The right protection, consists of several particularly important components. Every athlete who fights or does sparring should have this boxing equipment. This refers to the mouth guard, the groin guard and also the head guard.
  • ROOQs: If these are not already part of your boxing equipment, you should definitely rely on this leading boxing technology in the future. With the sensors you get the possibility to make your training measurable and to visualize it. You can recognize your strengths and potentials and optimize your training in the long term.