Fitness boxing: Facts about fitness boxing in less than 3 minutes


Are you also one of those people who want to improve their fitness and condition in the long term or want to build up muscles in the right places? Then fitness boxing is probably just the right sport for you.

Fitness boxing combines traditional and endurance training.

What is fitness boxing?

Boxing is becoming more and more popular. But not everyone is ready to accept taking punches. A good alternative is fitness boxing.

Fitness boxing incorporates all the boxing elements that you know from “normal” boxing. With one exception – and that is that in fitness boxing there is no sparring or other physical contact involving punches.

The goal of fitness boxing is to improve physical fitness. Preparation for a fight is not crucial here.

Fitness boxing courses are often offered in gyms. These are often a mixture of boxing and strength or cardio training.

christina-hammer- laughing-in-the-ring-ROOQ-boxing
Fitness boxing helps to reduce weight and significantly improve endurance.

Why is fitness boxing good for me?

Are you one of those sports-minded people who start with fitness in order to lose weight as quickly as possible? Then fitness boxing is exactly the right thing for you.

Since fitness boxing requires you to work your entire body almost all the time, you will consume a relatively high amount of calories. Of course, the exact calorie consumption varies from person to person. Still, with the right diet and challenging fitness boxing, you can watch the kilos melt away on the scale.

Fitness boxing is often offered as group training.

Which muscles do you train in fitness boxing?

Fitness boxing is clearly a whole-body workout. Depending on which elements are incorporated, you train one or another muscle group more or less. All in all, the entire body is exercised. Among other things, this is what makes fitness boxing so popular.