What's your punch speed?

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punch speed

From the laboratory to the ring

Which speed has one punch? Which of your punch is the fastest – Straight, Uppercut, or Body Hook? Or is it the sideways hook? And what kind of training can you use to increase your punch speed? ROOQ will show you.

Up to now, the punch speed could only be measured under laboratory conditions and with the help of expensive equipment. Since this technique is practically not available to any athlete, there was no way for them to determine their punch speed. And we know that punch speed is fundamental. That is changing now.

With the ROOQ sensors, you get the first opportunity to determine the speed of all your punches. Anytime and anywhere. No matter whether under training or competition conditions. Our algorithms calculate the maximum speed for all executed punches and automatically differentiate between straights, uppercut, body hook, and side hook of the leading and punching hand. And the average speeds are also displayed. A useful value to see whether you can maintain your performance over a longer period of time.

You get a detailed overview of your performance level and your development. How did your punch speed develop? What else do you have to work on and which training works best for YOU? Find out.

Monitor your progress, identify weak points and eliminate them.

How hard do you punch?

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Ready for being faster than your shadow?

Stay updated. Boxing Sensors availabe soon, still charging.


All about your boxing IQ and data is encyrpted

How fast can you be? Know it - with ROOQ

You want to get stronger and faster? You want to increase your punch frequency and your punch speed? With ROOQ you can face your reflection and measure exactly how fast your punches are, how many punches you can do within 30 seconds, and if your jab is faster than your opponent’s.

Improve and train your punch speed. Get faster, box faster, and gain knowledge and smarts of your training content. Without a number, you won’t know how fast your punch speed really is and if you’ll punch faster over time. Start studying yourself, your skills, and your boxing training. Understand how your punches can specifically get faster and how you can improve your punch speed — digital and smart boxing. Know if the speed of a single punch increases and if your average punch speed gets faster.

Learn every little detail about your boxing training, push your strengths and weaknesses, become stronger, faster, and smarter than your opponents. Apply the knowledge about your boxing IQ.

Knowledge is better. Face your reflection and find out how fast you can really box.