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Do you know how fast you are punching? And what is your fastest punch? Have you ever tried to time your punches with a stop watch? Find out your punch speed and your boxing performance.

With ROOQ you can accurately measure your punch speed in boxing and train the speed of your hands more effectively and achieve your goals even faster. The boxing sensors track your overall training content and measure the punch speed (km/h) of every single punch you throw. That means they detect each of your punches and they identify the hand you are punching with. The sensors measure your fastest punch and calculate the average punch speed of all your punches. Get a full overview of your punch speed in your training sessions. Learn more about your technical behavior and your overall boxing performance — know which skills score your boxing IQ the most. All information and analysis of your punches, as well as an overall ranking are visible for you in the ROOQ app — study your training and improve your punches.

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You want to get stronger and faster? You want to increase your punch frequency and your punch speed? With ROOQ you can face your reflection and measure exactly how fast your punches are, how many punches you can do within 30 seconds and if your jab is faster than your opponent’s.

Improve and train your punch speed. Get faster, box faster and gain knowledge and smarts of your training content. Without a number, you won’t know how fast your punch speed really is and if you’ll punch faster over time. Start studying yourself, your skills and your boxing training. Understand how your punches can specifically get faster and how you can improve your punch speed — digital and smart boxing. Know if the speed of a single punch increases and if your average punch speed gets faster.

Learn every little detail about your boxing training, push your strengths and weaknesses, become stronger, faster and smarter than your opponents. Apply the knowledge about your boxing IQ.

Knowledge is better. Face your reflection and find out how fast you can really box.