What's your punch variability?

Know how variable you punch and how often you use punch combinations

punch type

Notify which punches you're throwing — straight, hook, uppercut and body shot

Know exactly which punch you are throwing – ROOQ follows you during boxing and automatically recognizes each punch, whether it is a straight, hook, uppercut or body hook (right and left).

Evaluate your training afterwards and find out which punches you do and how variable you are in terms of your combinations. At the same time ROOQ shows you your training duration and automatically recognizes the training disciplines shadow boxing, partner work, work on the punching bag and rope skipping.

Upgrade your boxing equipment and train whenever you want, wherever you want. ROOQ is your sparring partner and follows you everywhere you go.

What's your punch force?

Find out

Control and optimize your punch variability

The sensor system as an essential part of your boxing equipment tracks your boxing training and serves as a punch counter and tracker that analyzes and measures all your punches with highest precision. The action density of your punches and punching combinations defines your variability. ROOQ also tells you which training disciplines you practiced and how long each of your sessions runs. Know your best boxing combinations and your variability between all punch types. The variability can be learned and improved. Be ready and train your punch variability effectively with the ROOQ Boxing Sensors.