What's your punch variability?

Know how variable you punch and how often you use punch combinations

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Notify which punches you're throwing — straight, hook, uppercut and body shot

How high is your punch variability? Do you know when you use which type of punch and what your combinations look like?

Find out what punches you throw and how variable you are punching. Know your action density, identify the rate of your punch types and your variability in relation to your box combinations.

ROOQ measures eight different punch types: straight, hook, uppercut and body hook –  right and left. The sensors let you know exactly which punches you’re throwing and in which combination, and whether you’re training with a partner or on the machine. Track your development, learn more about your technical behavior, your punch frequency and the number of punch types you use.

Increase your punch variability and improve your punching combinations with ROOQ.

What's your punch force?

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Knowing is better than just believing. Life is too short for something half-hearted.

The sensor system as an essential part of your boxing equipment tracks your boxing training and serves as a punch counter and tracker that analyzes and measures all your punches with highest precision – precise measurement of eight different punch types as well as accurate timing in boxing is visible and trackable with our sensors. The action density of your punches and punching combinations identifies your variability. ROOQ also tells you whether you’re shadowboxing, training on the bag or with a partner and how long each of your sessions runs. The more variable you can box, the faster and more effective your punch combos are, the higher is your boxing IQ.

Know your best boxing combinations, your most frequently used punching technique and your variability between all punch types. A high punch variability of all punching types is related to your physical performance-related characteristics and shows associations with your muscle strength and power. So your variability can be learned and improved. Be ready and train your punch variability effectively with the ROOQ Boxing Sensors.