The future of boxing

Boxer training with boxing technology to make fit for the future

The challenge

Improving boxing with technology

The world of boxing is less transparent than any other sport. Almost every performance-oriented athlete and coach, amateur and professional, no matter in which sport, uses various diagnostic technologies to measure and optimize their individual performance. However, existing technologies cannot be applied to boxing.

athletes Martin und Jan seeing their tracked boxing score in the future of boxing

Our solution

Innovative sensor technology that measures and assesses every boxing activity

We are kicking off a new era in boxing by enhancing it with technology. We see our product as a supportive tool that enables both – athletes and coaches to exploit their full potential by optimizing their training and overall performance. Until now athletes and coaches have always relied on what they see. Now they rely on what they know.

Boxing meets technology

Discover the science behind

Sports Analysis

Training diagnostics accessible to all athletes

Over the years, we have collected several hundred thousand punches from numerous athletes to develop effective performance diagnostics that can be integrated into the daily training process of every athlete and coach. With the help of our sensors, the ROOQ App and the Coaching Zone, we offer a valid data acquisition, which can be used not only for training and performance diagnostics, but also for team selection procedures, as talent identification or as control of training interventions.


2 mits laying in the ring, in the background someone is training on the punching bag

Boxing technology

Our software sets the tone

Our modern machine-learning algorithms automatically detect all boxing specific movements and identify eight different types of punches, including the right or left. We filter out all non-boxing specific motions and determine punch performance indicators which were inaccessible for most athletes until now. Since the use of cell phones is generally prohibited in gyms, our ROOQs don’t need a cell phone. All recorded data is stored highly encrypted in the sensor, even without direct app or internet connection.

the future of boxing, the tracking sensors without cover showing the circuit board and technology inside
screenshot of the ROOQ Box designing process for the future of boxing sensors

Designed and engineered in Germany

Raising the bar with our quality standards

From software to design, we develop products according to the highest and constantly evolving requirement profiles – all made in Germany. Our close exchange with our customers and athletes enables us to meet these profiles and to consistently improve.

Expertise beyond boxing

Developed by athletes approved by champs

We are world and olympic champions in boxing, business manager, professional athletes, sports scientists, mathematicians, software developers, active boxers and coaches. Together we are training diagnosticians in sports. We firmly believe that boxing connects the world. We want to do our part to make this great sport even better.

ROOQ open office view from above ROOQ marketing corner with 2 heads discussing something on a couch view to the marketing board standing one person and explaining something on it
in background standing boxer at shadowboxing with a rope in front of the camera lense a man showing with his finger on a photowall the rooq sensors in front with colleagues in the background on their working desk two boxers tracking their punches wih ROOQ sensory
As a boxer, a coach and a businessman I believe that there's always a moment of truth, of clarity, of action. That's ROOQ.
Ralf Rüttgers
Chief Executive Officer
About Ralf Rüttgers
As a boxer, I have doubted myself over and over again. ROOQ at my side would have given me more clarity, more confidence.
Henry Maske
Chief Sports Officer
About Henry Maske

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We are proud to be ROOQers

Boxing is in our DNA

ROOQ Box including two punch and fight tracking sensors, two straps and one app to visualize the measured performance

As athletes, we aim for knowledge

Nothing beats the feeling of finally stepping into the ring after months of hard training. Imagine heading into the next fight with knowing exactly how hard and fast you throw your punches. Prepare more efficiently with your ROOQs. Start now.

ROOQ boxing zone

As coaches, we want to take the lead

You are the coach and know better than anyone what works best for your athletes. Combine your expertise and experience with facts and use our Coaching Zone to instruct your athletes even more precisely. It’s time to progress.

ROOQ coaching zone
Coaching Zone app as innovative tool for coaches visualizing all performance and success data of boxing training
About Ralf Rüttgers
Founder and CEO

Aachen, Germany is where I was born and grew up. After a degree in business administration, combined with mathematics and international law, I gained my professional experience in various management positions and as a corporate consultant. For more than 30 years I have been crazy about boxing and I am still active to this day. I am a certified boxing coach (competitive sport) of the DOSB, German Olympic Sports Federation. In 2017 I decided to give up my professional career and develop training diagnostics for boxing. My vision is that, as in other sports, our training diagnostics will improve the potential of performance-oriented athletes, that coaches will be able to control their training contents even more precisely due to the transparency of the athletes’ development, and that our sport will regain the fame it deserves both nationally and internationally!

About Henry Maske
Boxing legend and businessman

It was more by chance that I came to my sport when I was really young. I was fascinated by the intensive examination of my opponent’s skills, indeed my own abilities. After I understood that I am the one who has to change, develop, present, contents became superficially important for me. My thoughts and I were in conflict with the requirements and doubts for almost 24 hours whether I would really succeed. How often did I wish my performance could be measured, comparable to a 100 meter runner. A good result would have given me some peace of mind. In the end, it’s always the head that counts, which has to be in top shape to get the “PS auf die Bahn”. But it would be good to know that my body is really ready. My coach liked to work with the few measurable variables even in his time, using them as a position-fixer, as a motivator, and in the end as an argument for building inner stability and conviction. ROOQ’s technology summarizes it to the point and could have taken away some of my doubts at the time.