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Train with ROOQ

How do I connect my sensors with the ROOQ app?

You can connect the sensors via bluetooth by using the ROOQ app on your smartphone.

How does data get from my sensors to the app?

Your ROOQs send all recorded data via Bluetooth in encrypted form to your app on your smartphone.

What happens to my data if I don't have an internet connection right after I train?

The collected data is backed up on your smartphone even without an Internet connection. However, for your evaluation an internet connection is necessary.

Where can I see my data?

All your data is accessible via the ROOQ App.

Which mobile phones work with ROOQ?

Here you can find a list with all compatible devices https://rooq.de/system-requirements/

Will there be regular updates?

There will be regular updates for the app which will also automatically install updates to your sensors.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free of charge. Just go to your app store and search for ROOQ.

How do I link my coach/club with my data?

If your coach/club is already registered in our coaching zone you can simply search for him/her in your App. Once you send him a connect request he can accept and you’re connected.

Does ROOQ work like a coach or how can I improve my skills with ROOQ?

Your sensors detect your performance data and your app shows you how you really train, but none of this replaces your coach. ROOQ visualizes your results and progress so that your training can be optimized in a way that wasn’t possible until now.

More information here: https://rooq.de/boxing-iq/

Does my trainer see all my data?

You as an athlete decide which data your coach can have access to.

Can my coach still see my data after I stopped the relationship?

As soon as you stop sharing your data, it can no longer be viewed by anyone else.

My training today felt much more intense than last week but why is the score from this training lower than last week?

The ROOQ Score doesn’t necessarily tell anything about the intensity of your training. It calculates the relevant data for boxing and uses them to determine the score. So there is a difference between 2 hours of pure strength training and 2 hours of different punch combinations followed by sparring.

What exactly is the ROOQ output in the punch power score?

Great question! We calculate the physical momentum, also called “force”. We are able to do it since we calculate the speed of all your punches. The rest is ROOQ magic. We deliberately chose the momentum because we focus on the athelete´s performance which matters. This is more representative than softness or hardness of the target being hit.

How can I punch faster? Are there any recommended training programs?

Your coach is the one to determine that! The Coaching Zone gives him/her a holistic data driven view of your training. Simply work as a team to optimize your training results.

More informations here: https://rooq.de/punch-speed/

Is it possible for beginners to also train with ROOQ?

Of course it is. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional. Everyone can train with ROOQ.

Can I use my ROOQs internationally?

Yes, you can. You can freely choose where and when to train. Anywhere, anytime. In order to evaluate yor data you only need an internet connection.

Why does ROOQ need my data regarding my age, weight and height?

Our calculations are based on individual information about your body (weight, height, age..) so that data is meaningful to your specific person and it provides you with real results that you can use to improve.