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Train with ROOQ

How do I connect my sensors with the ROOQ app?

You can connect the sensors via bluetooth by using the ROOQ app on your smartphone.

How do I wear my sensors?

You simply insert your ROOQs in the ROOQ straps that you wear on your wrists.

Do I need special bandages? Can I also wrap my sensors in my normal bandages?

Your ROOQ straps are included in your ROOQ box and we recommend using them for the perfect positioning of your sensors.

Can I wear my sensors underneath my boxing gloves?

Your sensors are especially developed for boxing. You only need to put them into the supplied ROOQ straps which you wear under your boxing gloves.

Can I also wear the ROOQs in sparring?

You definitely should! Your ROOQs are designed to be used in sparring and competitions.

How does data get from my sensors to the app?

Your ROOQs send all recorded data via Bluetooth in encrypted form to your app on your smartphone.

What happens to my data if I don't have an internet connection right after I train?

The collected data is backed up on your smartphone even without an Internet connection. However, for your evaluation an internet connection is necessary.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free of charge. Just go to your app store and search for ROOQ.

Where can I see my data?

All your data is accessible via the ROOQ App.

How do I link my coach/club with my data?

If your coach/club is already registered in our coaching zone you can simply search for him/her in your app. Once you send him a connect request he can accept and you’re connected.

My training today felt much more intense than last week but why is the score from this training lower than last week?

The ROOQ Score doesn’t necessarily tell anything about the intensity of your training. It calculates the relevant data for boxing and uses them to determine the score. So there is a difference between 2 hours of pure strength training and 2 hours of different punch combinations followed by sparring.

What exactly is the ROOQ output in the punch power score?

In shadow boxing you define a target point where you actively stop your punch. To do this you activate your opponent’s muscles early and your punch arrives before the end of the phase, so you achieve a slower punch speed. However, if you train with a punching bag you won’t actively stop your punch until you hit the bag. Here your opponent muscles are less activated and you can reach a higher final speed.

How can I punch faster? Are there any recommended training programs?

Your coach is the one to determine that! The Coaching Zone gives him/her a holistic data driven view of your training. Simply work as a team to optimize your training results.

More informations you can find here: https://rooq.de/punch-speed/

Does ROOQ work like a coach or how can I improve my skills with ROOQ?

Your sensors detect your performance data and your app shows you how you really train, but none of this replaces your coach. ROOQ visualizes your results and progress so that your training can be optimized in a way that wasn’t possible until now.

More information you can find here: https://rooq.de/boxing-iq/

Is it possible for beginners to also train with ROOQ?

Of course it is. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional. Everyone can train with ROOQ.

Can my coach still see my data after I stopped the relationship?

As soon as you stop sharing your data it can no longer be viewed by anyone else.

Can I use my ROOQs internationally?

Yes you can. The location of your training is completely independent and freely selectable. In order to evaluate yor data you only need an internet connection.