Our offer: Boxing technology that makes you better.

Training success has never bevor been so measurable. Because with ROOQ you quickly recognize your potential and how you can make even more out of it.

Included in your ROOQ Box are 2 sensors, 2 straps, a charging case incl. USB-C cable and the app.

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Unleash your full potential


High-quality boxing technology provides the most precise measurement of performance.


Whether uppercut, body hook or a straight jab. Be it speed, momentum or frequency: You’re in the know.


You are independent, as you can train where and when you want, the ROOQ Box fits in any pocket.


At any time, at any place, you know with absolute certainty how you are performing.

That´s included for you:

  • Set a baseline in more than 50 punch statistics
  • Identify strengths and potential
  • Visualize goals and create individual training plans
  • Store all training data and recognize long-term development
  • Recognize injuries in time
  • Targeted training management

Approved by champions

Olympic champion and former world champion Henry Maske is enthusiastic about the ROOQ technology. It offers a unique opportunity that he would have valued during his active career: extremely accurate monitoring of his own performance.



“What is normal for a large part of other sports will become a normal for boxing in the future with this technology.”
“Sports idol Henry Maske and his company have developed a visionary technology for boxing.”
“In a sport where a fraction of a second decides wether I hit my opponent dead on or wheter he can pull his head away, information like this is brilliant.”
“The boxer who uses that will have a clear advantage.”
“A 100-metre runner uses technology to analyze every step. It´s similar in boxing”.
“The data delivered by the sensor technology, which athletes did not have access until now, provides an invaluable tool to help boxers monitor and improve their performance.”

You work hard for your success. You deserve the best equipment.

Comfortable and easy

The straps and ROOQ sensors fit firmly around the wrist. You can easily bandage over the sensors and wear boxing gloves.

Always there

The ROOQ charging case is lightweight, small and compact, fits in any pocket and protects your sensors.

Can be used everywhere

Whether in the gym, at home or at High altitude training camp, your ROOQs are ready for action.

The app with addictive fact

You won’t be able to get enough of your values. For the first time, you get a complete insight into your performance.

That’s what athletes say about ROOQ:


“ROOQ perfectly reflects my performance. These little sensors know me inside out. It´s as if they´ve been watching me box for years.”


“I think the idea behind ROOQ is great and so is the implementation. Personally, I can integrate ROOQ into my training and control it well.”


“ROOQ is like a nagivation device into which I enter my destination. The sensors don´t ask questions, they provide answers.”


“A great tool that enriches my training. You train harder with the thought of achieving a better result than the training before.”

Again, as a reminder – this is included:

  • 2 Sensors
  • 2 Straps
  • Charging case incl. USB-C Kabel
  • App

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need my mobile phone to use the ROOQs?

You don’t need a mobile phone during the training. You can transfer your training data to the ROOQ App after your training session.

Does the App cost anything?

The ROOQ App is free and is part of the ROOQ Box. Just go to your App/Play Store and search for ROOQ.

When will my ROOQs be delivered?

You can find all information about shipping and delivery here.

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find all our FAQs.