Facts about ROOQ

Founded 2018. We are experts in boxing, software development, data analysis, marketing, operations, finance and team coordination. For the first time we enable the measurement of the effectiveness of punches in boxing and related sports. This is a novelty and enables athletes and coaches to obtain information about the parameters of punch speed, punch intensity, variability and punch power. Until now, this has not been possible at all or only with the help of very expensive technology and, above all, only under laboratory conditions. Our state-of-the-art algorithms distinguish between left and right hand and the four different punch types. Our generic technology is self-sufficient, highly efficient and almost universally applicable.

What we offer

Technology made in Germany

ROOQ Sensors

Start recording every boxing training with leading edge algorithms

ROOQ Straps

Experience and excellent fit and ensure correct positioning of your ROOQ sensors


Track your performance, see your development and set up your training schedule

Coaching Zone

Take control of your trainings and share them with your coach, anytime, anywhere

Our Story

An idea turns into reality

It all started in a small office, equipped with paper art on the walls. Years of mulling over an idea in the back of the head, sketching out ideas and strategies and gathering information on key training parameters led to something tangible, to real state of the art products. Passion and creativity led to a unique branding: ROOQ — inspired by top athletes named Rocky and cognitively transformed into a brand of high value.

We encourage curiosity and sporting ambition. We make the great boxing even better and we enable every boxer and coach to measure and optimize their individual performance. We are reflective, forward thinking and always in motion, even beyond the comfort zone.

That’s ROOQ —  “There is always a moment of truth, of clarity, of action”.