A few specs about the


How do I wear my sensors?

The supplied straps have a small pocket on the inside of your wrist. Just introduce the sensors in there.

How do I know which sensor to wear on which hand?

Your sensors are completely independent and they automatically detect on which hand they are located. There’s no right or left here.

How big and heavy are the sensors?

Every sensor weighs 12 grams (0.42 oz) , is 4.2 cm (1.65 in) high and 3.2 cm (1,25 in) wide and 9 mm thick.

Can I wear my ROOQs under normal boxing bandages?

Your ROOQ straps are included in your ROOQ box. We recommend using them for the perfect positioning of your sensors.

Can I wear my sensors underneath my boxing gloves?

Your sensors are especially developed for boxing. You only need to put them into the supplied ROOQ straps which you wear under your boxing gloves.

Can I also wear the ROOQs in sparring?

You definitely should! Your ROOQs are designed to be used in sparring and competitions.

Can I wash my ROOQs?

The ROOQs are only protected from water jet, thus they are not fully waterproof. A superficial cleaning with a damp rag is however quite possible or simply place them under flowing water.

How do I wash my straps?

Your straps should be washed at 40 degrees maximum. Handwashing is better.

My ROOQs got wet with the straps. How can I dry them?

It’s easy. Just take a lint-free cloth and wipe over your sensors.

I lost my straps. Can I buy new ones?

Feel free to contact our support and we will help you with all your questions and problems: support@rooq.de

Can I also buy a charging case?

Please contact our support and we will help you : support@rooq.de

Can I lend or give my sensors to someone else?

Attention athlete: Your sensors can be worn by everyone you decide to give them to, but the sensors are coupled with your profile. This will distort your performance data.

Can I use my ROOQs internationally?

Yes, you can. The location of your training is completely independent and freely selectable. In order to evaluate yor data you only need an internet connection.

Can ROOQ also detect kicks?

Not yet. In fact, the sensors are located on your wrists but we are always working on further developments of our technology.