ROOQ technology provides you with data and facts. You know your strengths, and you know how to improve.


Olympic champion and former world champion Henry Maske is enthusiastic about the ROOQ technology. It offers a unique opportunity that he would have valued during his active career: extremely accurate monitoring of his own performance.

You can only improve what you can measure

Track your training. The data collected shows you your current training status. It reflects your performance and shows you your potential.

Set new goals. From now on you can create your own training plans and improve yourself in the long term.

Visualize your performance. All progress is documented in the app (and Coaching Zone). Time will be your ally and your progress will be transparent.


First comes your training.
Then your data.

Our live demo shows how precisely ROOQ technology can measure your performance. But you’re supposed to be fully focused on your workout. Without app and smartphone. You will always get an insight into your performance afterwards, when the sensors have transferred all data about your training session to the app.

Unleash your full potential


High-quality boxing technology provides the most precise measurement of performance.


Whether uppercut, body hook or a straight jab. Be it speed, momentum or frequency: You’re in the know.


You are independent, as you can train where and when you want, the ROOQ Box fits in any pocket.


At any time, at any place, you know with absolute certainty how you are performing.

You work hard for your success. You deserve the best equipment.

Get your ROOQ Box

Everything that’s included in your premium boxing equipment:

  • 2 sensors
  • 2 straps
  • Charging case
  • App
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Henry Maske

Boxing Legend, World Champion, Olympic Champion and ROOQ Board Member

Many athletes have tested our ROOQs. The results speak for themselves: Our technology is outstandingly precise, reliable and enduring. Developed by world and Olympic champions, for athletes at all levels.

Ralf Rüttgers

Chief Executive Officer

We want to play our part in making boxing even better. For the first time, our technology gives every boxer and trainer the opportunity to measure their training performance individually and to develop themselves in the long term.

Agit Kabayel

Former European champion, heavyweight hope and ROOQ testimonial

ROOQ perfectly reflects my performance. These little sensors know me inside out. It’s as if they’ve been watching me box for years.

Christina Hammer

Six-time professional world champion and ROOQ testimonial

ROOQ is like a navigation device into which I enter my destination. The sensors don’t ask questions, they provide answers.

Firat Arslan

Former WBA cruiserweight world champion

As a professional, you always have to deliver your performance on point. ROOQ gives me and the athletes in my sports school confirmation of exactly where we stand and how we can improve. The sensors are the perfect training partners for this.

Only the best for coaches

The Coaching Zone – a dedicated platform to track the performance of your athletes

As an online platform and digital assistant, our Coaching Zone offers coaches the possibility of clearly recording, analysing and comparing the profiles of multiple athletes. Individual training plans can then be drawn up on the basis of this valuable information.

More about the Coaching Zone

Tracking performance in boxing. For everyone. Professionally tested.