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Truth To The Ring

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Innovative coaching—all in one place


Know exactly how often, how long, and how intense your athletes train. No matter where, no matter when.


Analyze your athletes’ training results, give direct feedback, and track their progress.


Customize individual training plans to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

You have a great instinct—time to support it with facts

Get stats for your athletes' every move

How fast are your athletes’ straights? How variable do they really box? Know exactly what they achieve in a training session.

You always keep an eye on your athletes' progress

Add numbers to your evaluation

Keep your athletes close at all times and compare their training results to track progress. Easily stay in touch with them by giving them precise feedback to better their achievements.

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Be the boss of every session—even when you're not around

You decide what training looks like

Customize individual training plans for all your athletes. Guide them through their next session to ensure their continuous growth—anytime, anywhere.

Ready to take your coaching to the next level?
This is how it works
sensor detecting boxing specific movements


Your athletes put on the straps, slide in their ROOQs and start recording. Once finished, all data is synchronized with the app.

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From their overall training performance to detailed punch analysis and more—your athletes’ app shows it all.

cloud storing all data securely


Only you and your athletes have access to the data. Everything is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud.


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Now it’s your turn—evaluate the data, plan their sessions and give them feedback. No matter when and where.