How do the ROOQ sensors work?

Determining the complexity and dynamics of the fighting behavior

ROOQ learns with you, ROOQ improves you and gives you an exciting new experience. We change your life. Knowing is better.

For the first time, we offer the possibility to automatically recognize and evaluate your boxing performance and development with ROOQ. We make your performance visible, track your strengths and weaknesses and help you driving your development. All you need is ROOQ.

ROOQ starts as soon as popping them in your straps. No start button, no phone and no internet connection needed – just get started. No matter where you are. As soon as your training starts, the sensors detect your movement and record it. Finished? Then grab your phone only after you’re done boxing and take a closer look at your training. The sensors will send the recorded data encrypted to your phone via Bluetooth in a wink. As soon as you have an internet connection and you make your commitment, the data is sent to our cloud system, sent back to your phone and at the same time it can be communicated to your coach or club to view and analyze your performance in the Coaching Zone.

Boxing in a free and concentrated way, focusing only on your training and punching technique, receiving an automated training analysis opens up a whole new world of possibilities. No matter when, no matter where. All you need is ROOQ.