What's your boxing IQ?

The future of boxing is transparent. Knowing is better.

Be ready, more than ready

Know which skills score your boxing IQ

Write your success with ROOQ

Do you count your punches?

Count every single punch you throw and measure exactly how many fast punches you do in a row.


How variable do you punch?

Detect every punch type and how variable you throw them. ROOQ knows eight different punch types: straight, hook, uppercut & body shot—left and right.


How fast do you punch?

Know the speed of every single punch, detect your fastest punch and the average punch speed.


How hard do you punch?

Know the power of every single punch, detect your hardest punch and the average punch force.


Start studying your skills and build them up

Dig deeper than the outside layer

You want success in the boxing ring, grace and honor. Start looking at your training, your strength and weaknesses. Start understanding how trainers would train the greatest boxers of all times. Get a bit more smarts about your skills and how gonna beat someone. Know how to keep it and create a legacy with ROOQ.

There’s no secret to success, but there are clues. Digitalize your boxing training with the ROOQ sensors and get stronger, get faster and know every detail in place to become even better and more successful.

Sei bereit

and not to forget

Your data remains your data. Security is our highest priority.

Your knowledge about your IQ only belongs to you. Unless you want to share.

The ROOQ sensors digitalize the boxing sport and measure your boxing performance. Eight different punch types, both left and right hand, are recognized by the sensors. At the same time they measure your punch speed, punch power and your variability. Finally, your boxing performance is measurable and the ROOQ App shows you the details of your training. No matter if you practice your punching power, your speed, your variability or single punches for a better punching technique in boxing. Maybe you already train specifically to box faster and get stronger? ROOQ helps you focussing on your goals and punching technique by allowing you to measure your skills using the latest boxing technology. Get better in boxing, learn from your punching techniques and benefit from full transparency about your skills.

Develop your Boxing IQ with ROOQ and learn all about your boxing specific performance. You are able to hit faster, punch harder and achieve more variability by measuring your performance with ROOQ’s Boxing Sensors. Prepare yourself even more specifically for your next boxing fights and join us in knocking out your opponent. We make your smallest progress visible, we measure your boxing performance and skills. At the same time, our app offers you transparency and visibility over each of your boxing trainings. Learn from the analysis about your training and punches. Create even more targeted training plans and get your hands on the title. Stop studying the fighters, start studying the people who taught the fighters and just as important, start studying you. We enable you to know exactly how fast and hard you are boxing. You can always keep an eye on it and follow whether you are getting faster and if your punching technique changes.