Boxer training his speed and coordination by shadowboxing with fight sensors

Your future boxing technology

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Boxing will never be the same again

No assumptions—just facts

Detect every punch and boxing exercise to know exactly how you perform.

Work with real results to train more targeted than ever before.

Check your development whenever and wherever to grow constantly.

Measure every single punch with maximum precision

Punch Speed

Your ROOQs detect your fastest punch, the speed of every punch and your average punch speed.

Punch Force

They also measure your hardest punch, the force of each punch and your average punch force.

Punch Count

Your ROOQs count all of your punches and also recognize the number of all thrown combinations.

Punch Type

And they distinguish between different punch types: Straight, hook, uppercut and bodyshot.

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overview in the rooq app of different measured values of boxing

Keep track of all your boxing activities

Automatic detection of all exercises

Your ROOQs record whether you are rope skipping, shadowboxing, working on the punching bag or participating in partner exercises.

Receive results wherever and whenever

It doesn’t matter whether you train in the gym or not – your ROOQs follow you anywhere you decide to train.

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Technology transforming the world of boxing

One app, endless possibilities, your choice

no phone needed during training

charge once—train multiple times


sweat resistant and waterproof

100% hitproof—survives every punch

Your premium boxing equipment
You would rather forget your mouth guard than your ROOQs

ROOQ straps

Ensure correct sensor positioning for precise recording

  • quick putting on
  • fit on every wrist
  • don’t affect boxing
wrists with bandages for boxing which contain a compartment for power measuring sensors
A sports bag with boxing equipment placed on the floor

ROOQ case

Always keeping your ROOQs safe, wherever you decide to take them

  • sleek and seamless design
  • recharges sensors multiple times
  • fits in every pocket
boxing sensors with ist charging case which detect power and performance while boxing
boxing gloves placed on a boxing ring
"Fighting is not a phase in our lives, it is an attitude to life." – Ralf Rüttgers, CEO
boxer at his training who fights against a punching bag
rooq products boxing technology detecting data
sensors detecting boxing data
the ROOQ app openend on a smartphone which is part of the ROOQ Box

Visualize everything you have always wanted to know about your training—from your first thrown punch to cool down. Do it with the ROOQ App.

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