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Next Level Boxing

Do you want to know how fast or hard you punch? Do you want to know how you train in every session? What is your performance? You are one of the first on this planet.

With ROOQ by your side, you can finally visualize your strengths and potential – anywhere and anytime. It is in your hands.

Be part of something big


Punch Speed

Punch Force

Punch Count

Punch Type

Ready for the next level?

no phone needed during training

charge once—train multiple times

sweat resistant and waterproof

100% hitproof

Mobile ROOQ Charging Case with Sensors

Rooq Box

Two sensors. Two straps. One charging case.

  • simply put your straps on your wrist
  • pop your sensors in and start to train
Train smarter


One app. Many hits. Complete control.

  • easily create training plans for yourself
  • let your coach send you individualized schedules via our Coaching Zone
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inforgraphic showing boxing punch analysis about spped, force and punch type

How fast and hard do you really punch?

Know your skills and build them up

Knowledge is power! For the first time, it is possible to know exactly how high your punch speed and punch force is. Use your new knowledge to build up your boxing skills.