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What does it take for a knockout win in boxing? Power plays a major role here.

But how can you measure your strength? This is partially possible, for example, with a punching dynamometer that is attached to a wall. But how do you use it to measure your strength continuously during training or during competition?

The punch force can be determined using equipment like that. However, from the point of view of performance diagnostics, there are at least two disadvantages. These devices are permanently installed. In addition to the fact that you need continuous access to such a device for continuous performance development, it is impossible to determine your clout over the entire training, especially during sparring. In addition, these equipment are associated with high costs.

Another disadvantage arises from physics. The measured force depends on circumstances that have nothing to do with your own performance. For example, if the punching pad is attached to a different location or if you hit it once with and once without boxing gloves, you will discover that the measured force values ​​are different.

If you hit the same punch with your fist against a concrete wall or a punching bag, the force effects would be different. A bigger force acts on your fist in the first case, so the pain sensation is bigger. But since it should be the same punch, your performance will be the same in both cases.

So this type of force value is of limited significance for the performance evaluation.

This is why ROOQ decided to issue the physical value momentum – a power of 2.0 as it were. This value is calculated of the two factors speed and mass and therefore it does not depend on external factors that are not related to your own performance.

There are two ways to increase the punch momentum. On the one hand, by improving your punch speed. On the other hand, by working on your punching technique. Better technique means that you can put more mass into your punch.

The advantage here – the momentum is independent of external factors but leads to consistent results under the same conditions. This means that if you hit the same hitting pad under the same conditions, a higher momentum correlates with a higher measured punch force.

Our strength value, the punch force 2.0, eliminates these disadvantages and provides new freedoms.

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