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Get more power and improve your boxing training with tracking your punch force

Do you know how hard you punch? Track your punch force, your boxing training and improve your punching strength.

ROOQ’s leading edge technology measures your punch force and the power of every single punch you throw in your boxing training.

Track the impact of all your punches, the force of each punch, and your average punch force. Improve the impact and swing of your punches by finally being able to measure how hard your punches are. Get full insight into your boxing training with our sensor system and the ROOQ app. Get an informed overall rating of your training, as well as analytics on all your punches — your training is about to get better, you are about to build your strength.

Your punching power is displayed in Newton-seconds and you can track your overall training. See if your punches are getting stronger, if your punch force is increasing. Track your punch force and push your boxing development.


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You want to be able to apply even more power and that your punches get harder? You want to improve your punching force specifically and achieve more power than your opponent? You want to reach a higher level of your boxing strength and increase your punching impact?

With the ROOQ sensors you now can measure your punch force precisely in your next training and track all content in the boxing app. You’ll find out if the average power and strength level of your punches is increasing and how much energy you can generate with a single punch against a bag or a partner. Know and track your punching impact, your punch force and your training content. Achieve even more strength with your punches, track your overall hardest punch and try to beat your power level again and again.

Take a more focused look at your boxing workouts, push yourself, hustle and get stronger. Make your boxing training more effective with your new boxing equipment and track your punch force. Improve your punch force and train specifically and more effective. Evaluate your training and build on it to make your punches even harder and to reach a higher level of your punch force.