Do you know your punch count?

Know how many punches you throw in 100 seconds

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punch count

Count every single punch — no matter if thrown right or left

Do you know how many punches you throw in a boxing training? Do you know how many times you hit the punching bag or how many fast hands you hit in a row?

No matter how many hooks you punch in a row, ROOQ counts every punch. The sensory technology detect every punch and measure exactly whether you throw with your right or left hand. Your total punch count, the number of all combinations and the average count of your punches is trackable with ROOQ boxing sensors.

And no matter how fast your punches are. The sensors track and count every single punch and show you your punch combinations. With ROOQ as your new tool, as an essential part of your boxing equipment, you can measure your punch count and record how long you exercise your training series.

What's your punch variability?

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The sensor system immediately follows your boxing training and serves you as a punch count which tracks and measures with highest precision – Punch Count and timing in boxing that follows every attack. Your boxing equipment gets premium with ROOQ. Your punch count can tell a lot about your skills – the faster you hit, the higher your punch count within 30 seconds.

In your next boxing training sessions, you can track and know at any time how many hands you’ve punched and if your quick punches are getting more. ROOQ doesn’t summarize them, the sensors track every one. Train with our punching sensors and improve your boxing technique by finally being able to specifically measure and track all your punches, among other things and follow if the numbers change over time. Know your speed, your strength, your variability and your punch count. Get smarts about your boxing IQ and improve your training or next fights with ROOQ.

Your performance is now measurable in boxing and the ROOQ app shows you the content of your boxing training. Benefit from accurate punch recognition. Know your stance and improve your action density. Get an overall score of your training intensity and content. Build on your skills, develop your boxing IQ and track your abilities.