Do you know your punch count?

with ROOQ you can count every single punch

punch count

Count every single punch — no matter if thrown right or left

The ROOQ sensors count every single punch. They automatically distinguish between right and left hands and four different punch types.

Do you know how many punches you make within a boxing session and how often you hit the punching bag?

No matter how many hooks you hit in a row, ROOQ follows you. The sensors detect each punch and recognize the punch types straight, side hook, uppercut, and body shot. Your total punch count is trackable in the app.

What's your punch variability?

find out

Don't count your punches - ROOQ does it for you

Our sensor technology tracks your boxing training immediately and serves as your punch count meter, tracking and measuring with the highest precision. We detect up to ten beats per second. Your boxing equipment becomes premium with ROOQ.

Boxing and technology have never been so close! Train with our punch sensors and improve your boxing technique by specifically measuring and tracking all your punches. This will take your boxing training to a new level. Learn more about your boxing IQ and improve your training or your next fights with ROOQ.

Your boxing performance is now measurable and the ROOQ app shows you the content of your boxing training. Benefit from accurate punch detection. Get an overall rating of your training intensity and content. Hit harder, faster, more variable, and count all your punches.