Next Generation Training Diagnostic

Stop guessing. Start knowing. Improve your skills and become even better!

Know how many punches you throw

You don’t have to count your punches by yourself. ROOQ will do it for you.

Know your punch variability

With ROOQ you will find out your exact punch sequence, and whether you vary them enough.

Know how fast you can be

You have to be fast so your enemy can’t predict your punches. For a human eye, it is impossible to see how fast you throw your punches. With ROOQ this is no longer a problem.

Know how hard you punch

Strike first, strike hard. Bring your opponent to the mat. ROOQ shows you how powerful you punch.

Know it

Do you know?

How many punches did you throw in your last training session? How many of these punches were combinations?  What exercises did you do? And how long each one? Does the speed of your punching in shadow boxing differ from the speed of punching against the punching bag? Have you been able to improve your performance in the last few months?

We provide you the answers

Your ROOQ sensors automatically recognize the four most important exercise disciplines in boxing  – shadow boxing, partner exercise, equipment work, and jumping rope. We give you a detailed overview of the number and length of all recognized exercises, including the most important statistics for each round – punch speed, punch force, punch count – for eight different types of punches.

Your training with the ROOQs is uncomplicated: just put on the sensors and start. A phone is not required. We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your performance. After completing the training, you download the data to your mobile phone and receive an evaluation.

You can easily share your training data with your trainer via the ROOQ Coaching Zone. He can see exactly which units you have completed, even if he cannot be there in person. Are you on vacation and still want to analyze your training session with your coach? With your ROOQs, this is no longer a problem.

Experience the unique freedom at any time, to be able to train anywhere, and always keep an eye on your performance. Every punch counts.