More than just another wearable

ROOQ tech specs

How do I charge the battery of my mobile charging case?

Easily charge it with the USB-C cable that comes with your ROOQ Box.

How do my sensors work?

Your sensors detect all your movements and uses data to calculate your personal results.

Do I need to charge my sensors?

Of yourse you can! Just pop them in your charging case and they will automatically be charged.

How do I charge my sensors?

Make sure that your charging case is fully charged. Then you only need to put your ROOQs and off you go.

How long can I record my training with my sensors?

You can record up to 6 hours of unpaused training with your ROOQs.

Are my sensors waterproof?

Your sensors are sweat and jetwater resistant. So you can place them under running water but they can’t withstand deep underwater pressure – don’t go scuba diving with them.

Are my ROOQs hitproof?

Your sensors are especially developed for boxing, so of course they are hitproof.

How is the ROOQ score calculated?

Obviously, we can’t tell you. But if you think you know how our calculations work, feel free to contact us via We are excited to hear from you.

Do my sensors emit harmful radiation?

Your sensors comply with all CE, FCC and Gost certification standards.

How do I switch off the sensors?

The sensors automatically turn off and stop recording as soon as you put them back into your ROOQ case.

Why does ROOQ need my data regarding my age, weight and height?

Our calculations are based on individual information about your body (weight, height, age..) so that data is meaningful to your specific person and it provides you with real results that you can use to improve.

Is my data secure?

Data security is the most important thing for us. All data is transmitted in an encrypted form and stored on European serves in accordance with the DSGVO.