Order & delivery

About the journey of the ROOQ Box

Are there any terms and conditions for returning goods?

All products from our ROOQ online shop, can be returned within 14 days after receiving the goods. You don´t have to explain the reason but it would help us to improve our service. Please have in mind that, according to our terms and conditions products needs to be in its original packaging and must contain all the delivered items. The invoice is also required so we can track the purchase.

How does the return work inside EU?

Please contact support@rooq.de

How does the return work outside EU?

Please contact support@rooq.de

How many days do I have to return?

You can return the product to UPS within 14 days of receiving it. For this purpose, please contact support@rooq.de If the 14 days are up but the product is still defective, please also contact the ROOQ Support Team support@rooq.de

Will also shipping cost be refunded?

If you return the ROOQ BOX within 14 days after receiving the goods, the shipping cost will be refunded as well. If you ordered via express, we will refund you the cheapest option (for some countries it could be the standard or the express).

When and how do I receive my refund in case of cancellation?

You will receive your money back in the same way you made your payment. This will happen as soon as the ROOQ BOX is in our headquarter If you have not received a refund, please contact the ROOQ Support Team support@rooq.de

Can I return my order in a store?

So far we are selling online, please also use the online steps to ship back our product.

Was my order successful?

You will receive a confirmation mail as soon as we received your order. You should also check your spam folder just in case.

Which mails do I receive after my purchase?

You should receive the following: 1. Confirmation Mail 2. Invoice Mail 3. Shipping Mail with Tracking-Link

How can I check the status of my order?

As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation including the tracking ID via mail. By clicking on the link you can locate your order.

Where do I find my order number?

You can find your order number in your confirmation mail, which you will receive a few minutes after your order.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

As long as the payment process hasn’t been completed you can change and cancel everything. As soon as the order is placed it’s not longer possible to cancel or change anything.

Where does ROOQ deliver to?


What carrier delivers the package?

UPS delivers our ROOQ experience into the world.

What is the delivery time and cost?

You have the choice between UPS standard and UPS express service. If you cannot wait to get your ROOQ experience take UPS Express. You can check your delivery rates in the checkout process.

My ROOQ Box has not arrived yet. What can I do?

Simply contact our support team (support@rooq.de) and together we will find a suitable solution.

Can my Billing address and my delivery address differ?

Of course, that is not a problem at all. They should be in the same country though.

What types of payment are available?

For now, it’s possible to pay via PayPal, AmazonPay, credit card, and IMMEDIATE payment.

Who can I contact for questions about my invoice?

Please contact our ROOQ support team via mail support@rooq.de

Can I buy a ROOQ voucher or gift card?

For now, we are not offering this option. But we are working on this possibility.

Is there an user manual?

Yes, of course! A Quick-Guide is included.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, within the EU an invoice with the VAT will be issued.