Frequently asked questions


How do I wear my sensors?

The supplied straps have a small pocket on the inside of your wrist. You can simply put the sensors in there.

How big and heavy are the sensors?

Every sensor weighs 12 grams, is 4.2 cm high and 3.2 cm wide.

Can I wash my ROOQs?

The ROOQs are only protected from water jet, thus they are not fully waterproof. A superficial cleaning with a damp rag is however quite possible or simply place them under flowing water.

How do I wash my straps?

Your straps should be washed at 40 degrees maximum.

My ROOQs got wet with the straps. How can I dry them?

Simply dry your ROOQ’s with a rag (f.e. microfibre). You can wash your straps and let them simply dry.

I lost my straps. Can I buy new ones?

Feel free to contact our support and we will help you with all your questions and problems:

How do I know which sensor to wear on which hand?

Your sensors are completely independent and they automatically detect on which hand they are located. There’s no right or left here.

Can I also buy a charging case?

The charging case is included in the ROOQ Box. Did you loose your case or is it defect? Please contact our support and we will help you ASAP:

Training and more

How do I connect my sensors with the ROOQ app?

You can connect the sensors via bluetooth by using the ROOQ app on your smartphone.

How do I wear my sensors?

You simply insert your ROOQs in the ROOQ straps that you wear on your wrists.

Do I need special bandages? Can I also wrap my sensors in my normal bandages?

Your ROOQ straps are included in your ROOQ box and we recommend using them for the perfect positioning of your sensors.

Can I wear my sensors underneath my boxing gloves?

Your sensors are especially developed for boxing. You only need to put them into the supplied ROOQ straps which you wear under your boxing gloves.

Can I also wear the ROOQs in sparring?

You definitely should! Your ROOQs are designed to be used in sparring and competitions.

How does data get from my sensors to the app?

Your ROOQs send all recorded data via Bluetooth in encrypted form to your app on your smartphone.

What happens to my data if I don't have an internet connection right after I train?

The collected data is backed up on your smartphone even without an Internet connection. However, for your evaluation an internet connection is necessary.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free of charge. Just go to your app store and search for ROOQ.

Where can I see my data?

All your data is accessible via the ROOQ App.

How do I link my coach/club with my data?

If your coach/club is already registered in our coaching zone you can simply search for him/her in your app. Once you send him a connect request he can accept and you’re connected.

My training today felt much more intense than last week but why is the score from this training lower than last week?

The ROOQ Score doesn’t necessarily tell anything about the intensity of your training. It calculates the relevant data for boxing and uses them to determine the score. So there is a difference between 2 hours of pure strength training and 2 hours of different punch combinations followed by sparring.

What exactly is the ROOQ output in the punch power score?

In shadow boxing you define a target point where you actively stop your punch. To do this you activate your opponent’s muscles early and your punch arrives before the end of the phase, so you achieve a slower punch speed. However, if you train with a punching bag you won’t actively stop your punch until you hit the bag. Here your opponent muscles are less activated and you can reach a higher final speed.

How can I punch faster? Are there any recommended training programs?

Your coach is the one to determine that! The Coaching Zone gives him/her a holistic data driven view of your training. Simply work as a team to optimize your training results.

Tech Specs

How do I charge the battery of my mobile charging case?

Easily charge it with the USB-C cable that comes with your ROOQ Box.

How do my sensors work?

Your sensors detect all your movements and uses data to calculate your personal results.

Do I need to charge my sensors?

Of yourse you can! Just pop them in your charging case and they will automatically be charged.

How do I charge my sensors?

Make sure that your charging case is fully charged. Then you only need to put your ROOQs and off you go.

How long can I record my training with my sensors?

You can record up to 6 hours of unpaused training with your ROOQs.

Are my sensors waterproof?

Your sensors are sweat and jetwater resistant. So you can place them under running water but they can’t withstand deep underwater pressure – don’t go scuba diving with them.

Are my ROOQs hitproof?

Your sensors are especially developed for boxing, so of course they are hitproof.

How is the ROOQ score calculated?

Obviously, we can’t tell you. But if you think you know how our calculations work, feel free to contact us via We are excited to hear from you.

Do my sensors emit harmful radiation?

Your sensors comply with all CE, FCC and Gost certification standards.

How do I switch off the sensors?

The sensors automatically turn off and stop recording as soon as you put them back into your ROOQ case.

All around ROOQ

How big is the ROOQ company?

Our team currently counts 20 employees and additional external partners, but we are constantly looking for more #ROOQstars. If you’re interested in working at ROOQ check out our open jobs on our career page.

Where is ROOQ made?

ROOQ is completely developed and designed in Germany, manufactured in China.

Is there a user manual?

A Quick-Guide for ROOQ is included in the delivery.

What types of payment are available?

For now it’s possible to pay via PayPal, AmazonPay, credit card and immediate payment.

Does ROOQ work like a coach or how can I improve my skills with ROOQ?

Your sensors detect your performance data and your app shows you how you really train, but none of this replaces your coach. ROOQ visualizes your results and progress so that your training can be optimized in a way that wasn’t possible until now.

Can someone else see my data?

It’s totally up to you. No one can view your data without your permission.

Can I lend or give my sensors to someone else?

Your sensors can be worn and used by anyone you decide to give them to. However, you should create a new user profile when you hand them to someone else, so that your data is not affected by another individual.

Is it possible for beginners to also train with ROOQ?

Of course it is. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional. Everyone can train with ROOQ.

Was my order successful?

You will receive a confirmation mail as soon as we received your order. You should also check your spam folder just in case.

How can I check the status of my order?

As soon as your order is shipped you will receive all shipping confirmation including the tracking ID via mail. By clicking on the link you can locate your order.

My ROOQ box has not arrived yet. What can I do?

Simply contact our support team and together we will find a suitable solution:

Can I still change or cancel my order?

As long as the payment process hasn’t completed you can change and cancel everything. As soon as the order is placed it’s not longer possible to cancel or change anything.

Can my coach still see my data after I stopped the relationship?

As soon as you stop sharing your data it can no longer be viewed by anyone else.

Why does ROOQ need my data regarding my age, weight and height?

Our calculations are based on individual information about your body (weight, height, age..) so that data is meaningful to your specific person and it provides you with real results that you can use to improve.

Is my data secure?

Data security is the most important thing for us. All data is transmitted in an encrypted form and stored on European serves in accordance with the DSGVO.

Can I use my ROOQs internationally?

Yes you can. The location of your training is completely independent and freely selectable. In order to evaluate yor data you only need an internet connection.

Can ROOQ also detect kicks?

Not yet. In fact the sensors are located on your wrists but we are always working on further developments of our technology.