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Don't only believe in getting better, know it

The ROOQ App—Making performance visible

overview of the analysis of boxing in the ROOQ app
athlete holding his smartphone viewing his performance measured by the sensors in the ROOQ boxing app

Visualize your efforts

See how you perform in your training session to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Coach and his athlete at the training of boxing against a punching bag

Optimize your training

Give your coach access to your boxing data to receive feedback and personalized training plans.

boxer records his training with the ROOQ Sensors to grow his strength

Grow your strengths

Develop more efficiently with your individual training sessions and become a better boxer.

Track training
Set new goals
Measure success
Boxer training his speed and coordination by shadowboxing with fight sensors
evaluation and measurement of the boxing punch power in the ROOQ app

Identify all your strengths and weaknesses

Are you aware of your key strengths? By making your performance visible you can identify and improve them.

Boxer Jan throwing right hook on a heavy bag recording his training session with the ROOQ fight sensors
progress and performance of boxing training and fight visualized in the rooq boxing app

Learn to assess your performance and set realistic goals

What’s your next target? By comparing your sessions you can track your long-term development to see if you’re improving.

coach and athlete recording mitt work with the ROOQ fight Sensors
statistics of boxing training time and punching power

Grasp new opportunities to optimize your training

What does your current schedule look like? By sharing all your boxing insights with your coach, your training can be individualized even better.

Or do it by yourself—simply create your own sessions with the integrated planning tool.

Your data is your biggest boxing secret

And it's all safe with ROOQ

Of course nobody is supposed to know about your skills and abilities, except you and those to whom you give access to. So, it’s no question that your data privacy is guaranteed in the ROOQ boxing App.

boxer and coach recording mitt partner work with the ROOQ sensors tracking all punches
ROOQ Box including two punch and fight tracking sensors, two straps and one app to visualize the measured performance

Are you ready to level up?

Don’t miss out on taking your boxing training up a notch with ROOQ’s technology.

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