You push, suffer and fight every day

It's time to measure your success

Mobile ROOQ Charging Case with Sensors

Rooq Box

Two sensors. Two straps. One charging case.

  • simply put your straps on
  • pop your sensors in and start recording
Train smarter


One app. Many hits. Full control.

  • easily create training plans for yourself
  • receive individualized training plans from your coach
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inforgraphic showing boxing punch analysis about spped, force and punch type

How fast and hard do you really punch?

Know your skills and build them up

For the first time you are able to see how fast, powerful and variable your boxing is! Knowing your personal capabilities gives you the opportunity to totally focus on enhancing your personal skills.

How do you actually develop?

Know what you achieve in all your training sessions

Always keep a full overview of your improvements to ensure your continuous growth in our boxtraining app. See if you are on the right track and make quick adjustments if you are not.

ROOQ score combining punch speed, power and variability and row skipping measured by fight sensors
rooq iphone app showing boxing punch analysis about boxing performance with the sensors laying next to smartphone

Experience innovative training

Make your newest boxing tool an essential part of your gym bag.

Do it remotely

Take your next session outside of the gym and still get all your recorded boxing results.

Share it with your coach

Receive feedback and new training plans anytime and anywhere.