A new boxing experience.

On the go.

Free. Focussed. Energetic. Remote.

No distractions. No phone. No start button. Just you and your ROOQs.

Focus only on you and your performance. The sensors will do the rest. Automatically.

Get the best out of yourself. Train hard and pursue your goals.

No matter where you are. No matter where your coach is. Train with ROOQ.

Comprehensive performance diagnostics

We identify and distinguish eight punch types and four training disciplines in boxing. The punch types include the straight, side hook, uppercut and the body hook (both right and left hand). What is special and unique here is that we also explicitly recognize and count successive very fast punches. ROOQ detects and tracks the disciplines of shadow boxing, partner work, work on the punching bag and rope jumping during your training. At the same time, the sensors track time so that you can subsequently get accurate insights and know how long you have practiced for which training exercise.

One particularly interesting and significant value that ROOQ determines is the speed of your punches. Normally, the speed of your punches can only be measured with laboratory equipment and a lot of (costly) effort. However, we can do it without any external devices and offer you the possibility to determine your punch speed with the ROOQ sensors.

However, ROOQ has decided to output the physical value Impulse – so to speak an impact force 2.0. This value is calculated from the two factors speed and mass and thus does not depend on external factors, which have nothing to do with your own performance. The momentum is independent of external factors, but under the same conditions it leads to consistent results. This means, for example, that if you hit at the same hitting pad under the same conditions, a larger impulse will be related to a larger measured hitting force.

We are already working on further new unique features. Be excited and get ready. We are perfecting ROOQ and always developing. There is no end to it.

All Data — One Device

Get joined. Get tracked. Get analyzed.

Your ROOQs join you in your session and are always close to you.

From start to finish, they record every boxing-specific movement you do.

After your training your performance is analyzed and visualized.

In case you missed anything.

How does data get from my sensors to the app?

The ROOQs send all recorded and measured data via Bluetooth in encrypted form to your phone.


How much does the app cost?

Nothing. Only your time to search and download it from the app store.

Does ROOQ keep my data private?

We have designed ROOQ with privacy in mind and giving you full control over your information.

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